In the inevitable cycle of life, while we always look forward to the best of times, it is equally important to be prepared for the worst. This is especially true when it comes to our families, their health, and their well-being. And that's exactly why having an ally in the form of a trusted healthcare partner is a big plus! Simply put, while you are busy doing the research on what to do with the sample, we will store your sample till you want us to! A first-of-its-kind end-to-end biostorage facility that is committed to push the borders of medical science for a greater well-being of humanity.


End-to-end cold chain logistics management and long-term secured storage under cryogenic conditions of cells, tissue, genetic material and other biological constructs


Emerge as India’s largest and most preferred biostorage partner of management, storage, distribution and cryogenic transportation of stored samples

Who Are We

Cellutions Biostorage is a new company on the block that goes by the same founders as LifeCell. This new segment covers a specific line of business and mainly deals with the biostorage, cold chain and management of human cells, tissues and genetic material. With only internal investors involved in the foundation of Cellutions, there are no cross-investments between the two enterprises. This makes Cellutions Biostorage a completely independent firm.

Furthermore, we have also obtained a full fledged license from DCGI to operate as a cord blood bank, which gives us the complete authority to collect, process, test, store, and release the cord blood derived stem cells. Coming to our location, we are presently co-located in the same campus as LifeCell's current lab at Chennai, but within distinctly allotted boundaries. Additionally, we have our second storage facility at Gurugram to enforce our services.

Who Needs Us

While Cellutions embark on their maiden collaboration with LifeCell International, companies involved in clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies, therapeutic solutions and testing of human biologics (blood, tissues, cells, DNA, RNA, plasma, forensics, and fluids etc) can benefit from our wide-range of services and offerings.

What Do We Do

Cellutions Biostorage facilitates end-to-end cryopreservation services right from cryogenic logistics to secured long-term storage and transportation of the samples in its industry-leading biostorage facilities. We offer secure, temperature-controlled, and monitored off-site storage of your samples. Additionally, we aim to help provide you with the power of advanced technologies at all stages of life. Be it planning your reproductive journey ahead of time, proactively understanding the hereditary health risks in your family, safeguarding your future concerns as an individual, or seeking to access and utilize promising treatment options where standard therapies fail - Cellutions Biostorage will be the answer to all your concerns when it comes to cryopreservation of your valuable samples in the above scenarios. With us, you can be completely assured of your sample’s safety, security, and regulatory compliant storage until you are ready to use them. Throughout the storage duration, we maintain the utmost standards when it comes to assuring that the quality of the stored sample is intact - so that you may rest assured and be at peace concerning the health of your stored samples!

Meet The Team